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Complete management of small groups, with access to all leaders, supervisores, pastors and the church staff.

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Functional and agile

Available through the web, célula.in can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, like smartphones and tablets. No setup is required. Soon after registration, you are up to go.

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Organization in all levels

Organization for church members, leaders, supervisors, pastors and all church staff. The célula.in was thought and developed so that all have access to all important features for a cell church. Profile update by members, attendance reports in groups, visualizations about all small groups health and much more. All readily available.

Acompanhamento de participantes

Customizable structure

All cell structure is created by the system administrators. Through the administrative panel is possible to set up and duplicate the reality of the church in the system, regardless of nomenclature and the amount of levels.

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Smartphone, tablet, notebook

The interactive design allows users to easily navigate with any device such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.


The célula.in is available in Portuguese, English and soon Spanish.

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It has it all

Data visualization

View all information about small group attendance, multiplications, membership, etc.

Lessons and icebreakers

You can create and publish cell lessons and icebreakers, and enrich it with images, musics and videos!

Practicality for leaders

Leaders can track attendance, follow up with participants, set up goals and much more.

Tasks automation

Multiplications and participants management are some examples of the tasks that can be automated to ease out the routines of leaders and supervisors.

Small groups search

Search small groups with custom filters and geolocalization.

Customizable hierarchy

The system adapts to the supervision hierarchy of your church, regardless of nomenclature or the amount of levels.

Groups health

"It is a life management tool that truly helps in multiplication."

Pr. Cristiano Pesset
Baptist Church Referencial de Vida

You have to know before you act; and célula.in does just that: it gives you the information necessary for the complete monitoring of the health of small groups.


Record the first groups.

Follow up

Follow up the health and growth of the groups.


Celebrate the multiplications!

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