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  • Cells/Small groups unlimited
  • Members unlimited
  • Visitors unlimited
  • Supervision groups unlimited
  • Courses unlimited
  • Events/Registrations unlimited
  • Personal support for everyone in your church
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Frequently asked

We don't use the name "cell". Can we change?

Yes! The default name is cell. But you can change it to whatever suits best your church: be it Small Groups or anything else.

How many cells can I have?

Your church can have an unlimited amount of cells. If you max the amount listed on the plan, it will be adjusted in the next billing cycle.

Is there a limit in the amount of members and visitors that can be registered?

There is no limit! It doensn't matter the amount of people that you or your leaders register in the account.

How do event registrations and course enrollments work?

Your church can create as many courses and events as you want. There's no limit. For free courses and events, registration is free. For paid courses and events, there's is a 7% fee of the confirmed registration (already including credit card fees).

Who has access to cé Just the church staff?

No. All people in your church can have access to cé Usually pastors, supervisors and leaders are the ones that get the most out of it, but you can give access to anyone. Every person will have access just to the specified features, given their role.